Saturday, 16 September 2017

Charlies Nail Art ~ Autumn Stroll Glitter Mix


I am back this chilly September night with a nail art goodie that I am absolutely enraptured with: Autumn Stroll, a new glitter mix exclusive to Charlies Nail Art!

Autumn Stroll joins Charlie's amazing collection of glitters that are designed and mixed in-house (you can see my pics of the others here). I am a raving fan of all of them, but this is one I can't stop looking at. It has a copper and glimmering gold fine glitter base, with larger pieces of autumnally-coloured glitters that perfectly evoke fallen leaves on a woodland floor. Here it is with top coat...

This mix is a real treasure trove; each time I dipped my nails into the sachet I found myself excited to see what glitter pieces I would end up with. I hope my photo fully conveys how amazing it is! Right now I have two more of the new mixes to try and I cannot wait.

Autumn Stroll is 75p per sachet, plus you can get 15% off everything with my Ambassador's coupon code: GNAF15


Lisa xx

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Flowers, Glitters and Tattoos!


First of all, I'm sorry for the month-long absence! I haven't been doing my nails as often due to a mixture of depression, tiredness and being caught up in my cross-stitching hobby (scroll down for pics!). However, I'm here to make it up with four manicures featuring floral nail wraps, fine glitters and temporary tattoos.

All the wraps and glitters are from Charlies Nail Art and I happen to have a 15% off Ambassador's coupon code for you: GNAF15 . I'll include links to where to find the nail art goodies as I write ^_^

1. Summer Dream Manicure

Summer Dream water decal wraps with Ocean Blue fine glitter, finished with a diamond tattoo from Claire's Accessories.

2. Summer Bloom Manicure

Summer Bloom water decal wraps alternated with Nicole by OPI's Sweet Surrender, finished with Flower Power tattoos by MoYou London.

3. Indian Summer Manicure

Indian Summer water decal wraps finished off with another MoYou Flower Power Tattoo.

4. Yellow Blossom Manicure

Yellow Blossom water decal wraps with an accent nail of Holographic Silver fine glitter.

I hope you like these manis! I love my Charlies water decals: they're super easy to apply and look beautiful. And, if you're interested, here are two cross stitches I've been working on - Flower Teapots!


Lisa xx

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Barry M ~ Cashmere and Frost


I noticed that Barry M had a few new shades in my local Boots store, so I treated myself to a couple!

Cashmere is a gorgeous pale pink. Here are two coats:

Frost is a lovely frosted white. Here are three coats:

I like both but Cashmere is definitely my favourite - I'm sure I'll be wearing it a lot! Which do you prefer?


Lisa xx

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Cloudy Skies and Summers Day Manicures!


It's been oscillating between cloudy and sunny here in the North East, so I've done two manicures to suit both! A "cloudy skies" look and a super-bright neon.

I used clingfilm to get the effect for my cloudy skies mani! I started by painting my nails with Barry M Earl Grey and letting them dry completely. I then painted a coat of white on top and, while it was still wet, I dabbed at it with scrunched-up clingfilm. This was the result:

For my neon mani I used Bubblegum by Models Own with matte top coat. This is such a bright polish that it's impossible to capture 100% in a photograph, but I tried my best:

Do you prefer one manicure over the other? Let me know!


Lisa xx

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Manicures and Tattoos!


I've done three manicures recently featuring some of my MoYou hand tattoos. The first one was a feathers manicure which you can find here, and the other two are in this post!

First we have what I dubbed a "Magical Manicure" ~ a glitter gradient of my Princess glitter mix from Charlies Nail Art, with some unicorn and dinosaur tattoos from my Origami tattoo pack:

Secondly we have a sparkling flower manicure - a floral pattern from Born Pretty stamping plate BP-L015, coloured in with Echarpe de Seda by Jade. The flower tattoo is from my Tropical tattoo pack:

What do you think?! I've asked for more MoYou tattoos for my birthday so, if I'm lucky, I will have more to play around with soon.

I also have two discount codes for you to buy the glitter and stamping plate I used in these manicures! Get 15% off at Charlies Nail Art using code GNAF15, and get 10% off at Born Pretty Store using code CMBQ10.


Lisa xx

Saturday, 10 June 2017

All About Me!


I had the idea to write a little bit about myself, in a question format that other bloggers can copy if they want! 5 questions about yourself, 5 questions about your nails. There's a manicure at the end ^_^


1. What is your name?

Lisa, nice to e-meet you!

2. Where do you live?

With my family in North East England. It's where I get my blog name - people from where I live are called Geordies!

3. Do you have any pets?

We have a cat called Vienna. We adopted her from a shelter in 2010, and she's about 10 years old now. We love her to pieces and she is spoilt rotten.

4. What are your other hobbies or passions?

Cross stitching, knitting, playing The Sims 2 and watching Masterchef Australia and Star Trek! I'm a big fan of Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan.

5. Have you travelled?

I've been to France a few times and even lived there for a year. I've also been to Lake Garda in Italy, Bruges in Belgium and Barcelona in Spain. I would like to go to New York and back to France.

6. How did you get into doing your nails?

I tried my hand at nail art when I was a teenager but gave it up for a while. Then, 6 years ago, I noticed the display of Seventeen nail polishes in a local Boots store. The colours were beautiful and I fell in love again!

7. How did you get into nail blogging?

I bought my first holographic nail polish - Blue by Glitter Gal - and I was so in love with it that I wanted to tell the world! I set up my blog, calling it Happy Nails. I was naïve about blogging and didn't think to check the name, which was already taken. A while later I wised up and went for the more original Geordie Nails :-)

8. What is your favourite nail polish shade?

I love pale, pale blues. Blueberry Muffin by Models Own and In De-Nile by Color Club are just beautiful.

9. What is your favourite nail art technique?

Stamping. I'm not talented at freehand nail art and get really antsy when my nails aren't perfect, so stamping is great for getting a precise pattern or image onto my nails. I also love having glitter tips and using water decals!

10. What has been your proudest nail blogger moment?

Being named a Brand Ambassador for Charlies Nail Art is up there. I was a happy customer to begin with and they're a fantastic, genuine UK nail art shop that I'm very proud to support. Also having 3000 followers on Instagram makes me feel like I'm doing a tiny little thing right in my life.


OK, now for the manicure! We just had our General Election here in the UK and Labour did much better than expected. I support them so, as celebration, I did a red rose manicure!

P.S. Supporters of other parties are most welcome on my page, no hard feelings here ^_^


Lisa xx

Friday, 9 June 2017

Feathers Manicure


This manicure combines nail art with temporary tattoos, something I haven't really done in a while!

I was digging through my box of water decals and found some lovely sheets of feather decals (I think I bought them from Born Pretty Store), so I chose a sheet and applied the different colours over Barry M Pearl with an added layer of opalescent polish. I then took a couple of my MoYou hand tattoos and applied them to my ring finger and palm!

I love the idea of complementing nail art with skin art, and I've asked for some more tattoos for my birthday ^_^


Lisa xx

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Charlies Nail Art ~ Jewels in the Sand Glitter Mix

This post contains products which were sent to me for review :-)


I am lucky enough to own the full collection of Charlies Nail Art glitter mixes! They are beautiful in their own right but extra-special because they're mixed in-house: you won't find them anywhere else. Most of them I bought myself, but I was sent Jewels in the Sand as a gift ^_^

Jewels in the Sand lives up to its name by being a fine, sparkling gold glitter with opulent pieces of larger purple glitters mixed in. I thought it would look wonderful as glitter tips...

It makes me think of the seashore in a faraway exotic land!

The glitter mixes only cost 75p each, plus you get 15% off with my coupon code, GNAF15


Lisa xx

Monday, 29 May 2017

Two Nail Charm Manicures!


I hope you're having a nice Bank Holiday Monday! The weather has cooled down a little in the North East and personally I am very relieved. I don't handle the heat too well!

Two of my latest manicures have used metal nail charms, so I thought I'd show you them together ^_^

The first manicure is a butterfly design! For this once I used my "Summer's Day" water decals and butterfly charm from Charlies Nail Art. I cut the decals to make three French tips and one full nail as an accent. I glued the butterfly to my middle fingernail.

The second manicure was heavily inspired by metellitsa on Instagram! I switched up the index nail by painting it white and adding my charm, but everything else is the same design. My feathers are from Born Pretty stamping plate BP-75 and the charm is from Poundland. Any guesses as to what this little critter is - a fox, maybe? A raccoon? Answers in the comments, please!

Do you prefer one manicure over the other? Let me know!


Lisa xx

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Charlies Nail Art ~ Floral Water Decals


I just ordered some new water decals from Charlies Nail Art last week, so I thought I'd show you some that I've used so far! All three are full-nail floral designs and they were bought by me ^_^

Here is Bold Blossom - a red base with blossom flowers which makes me think of kimonos...

Next is Oriental Blossom - a blue design with white and lilac blossoms which reminds me of some origami paper I own...

And finally we have Wild Pansy - gorgeous watercolour-effect flowers...

I seriously love floral water decals and I ordered more, so they will be coming up on the blog!

They were all just 89p each for a sheet of 10, and you get an extra 15% off with my coupon code GNAF15 ^_^


Lisa xx

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Charlies Nail Art ~ Spaceman Glitter Mix


If you have a scroll down my blog, you'll see that I have been trying out the wonderful new glitter mixes by Charlies Nail Art! In addition to being absolutely beautiful - and a bargain at 75p each - they're also mixed in-house, so you won't find them anywhere else.

Most recently I have been experimenting with the Spaceman glitter mix. Spaceman consists of a very sparkly blue glitter with rainbow glitter mixed in, plus strand glitter and larger star and circle pieces. I do keep saying this every time I try a new glitter mix, but this is definitely one of my favourites.

I've done two manicures using Spaceman! This first one is a glitter gradient over a very deep blue, inspired by Star Trek: Voyager which I've begun rewatching...

...and the second one uses Spaceman as an accent nail in a blue manicure complete with flower water decal!

I really hope you love this glitter mix as much as I do! I still have more to show you as well ^_^

As I'm an ambassador for Charlies Nail Art you can get 15% off everything with my coupon code, GNAF15. I bought this glitter myself.


Lisa xx

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Charlies Nail Art ~ Arabian Nights Gitter Mix


I'm back with another of the new glitter mixes by Charlies Nail Art! All the glitters are special because they're mixed in-house and so are unique, but Arabian Nights is extra-special because it was named by followers on social media!

I bought most of the glitter mixes myself but this one was given to me as a freebie because, at the time I ordered, it hadn't been released on the site yet. It's on there now for 75p ^_^

Arabian Nights consists of a sparkling royal purple glitter with bigger gold pieces mixed in. It is truly opulent! I wanted to try it as a glitter tips mani first so I started with one coat of sheer lilac polish, Hubby For Dessert by Essie, and dipped my nails in the glitter sachet!

I hope you're as wowed by this as I am! It's so rich and luxurious and I bet it'll look just as good as a full glitter mani. I will of course post a photo on the blog when I try it out.

As a Brand Ambassador for Charlies Nail Art, my followers get 15% off everything with my coupon code: GNAF15. The glitters are a bargain to begin with at 75p each!

I shall be back soon with a new glitter mix mani ^_^


Lisa xx

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Charlies Nail Art ~ Princess Glitter Mix ~ Post 2!


On Thursday I showed you a manicure using one of the new Charlies Nail Art glitter mixes called Princess!

I used it in a "glitter tips" manicure, but I also really wanted to see how it looked as a full mani. So I painted on a pale pink - Rose Hip by Barry M - plus top coat, and while that was still wet I dipped my nails in the Princess glitter mix. I was overjoyed with the result!

You can really see all the different glitters and how special the mix is. Those larger glitters offset the finer ones wonderfully. I love wearing this but I'm also dying to try out the next glitter mix - I have my eye on the purple Arabian Nights...

All the mixes are 75p each and you can get 15% off everything with my coupon code, GNAF15. I bought this glitter myself ^_^


Lisa xx

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Charlie's Nail Art ~ Princess Glitter Mix


I have another of the new Charlies Nail Art glitter mixes to show you! Yesterday I posted about Queen of Hearts, and today I am showing off Princess.

Princess is a shimmering, pink-tinted glitter with larger diamond, flower and star glitters mixed in. I thought it would look really pretty in a glitter tip manicure so I applied one coat of the sheer Essie Mademoiselle and dipped my nails in the mix! I'm super pleased with the result...

How lovely does that look?! All credit to the glitter of course! Now I want to see how it looks as a full glitter manicure, over pale pink. That will be my next manicure ^_^

These Charlies Nail Art glitter mixes are truly special because they are mixed in-house - you won't find them anywhere else. And they are only 75p per sachet! You can also get an extra 15% off everything with my coupon code, GNAF15 xx


Lisa xx

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Charlies Nail Art ~ Queen of Hearts


My order of the six new Charlies Nail Art glitter mixes arrived today!!! These glitters are truly special because they're mixed in-house - you won't find them anywhere else.

I bought four for 75p each and Charlie kindly sent me the other two so that I would have the full set: Queen of Hearts, Princess, Spaceman, Flowers in Bloom, Magic Dust and a purple mix that is about to be named and released. The one that jumped out at me to try first was Queen of Hearts!

Queen of Hearts is a deep green, almost black, holo sparkle glitter mixed with red pieces and larger circles and hearts. It certainly gives off Alice in Wonderland vibes! I applied it over a dark green, Black Pistachio by Barry M, to match its depth. I finished with plenty of top coat to give it a smooth shine.

I love this glitter mix so much! It's the depth of holo sparkle with the added "treats" of the larger glitters that does it for me ^_^

As a (very proud) Brand Ambassador, I have a 15% off coupon code for all my readers: GNAF15

I will be back very soon with the next glitter mix!


Lisa xx

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Charlies Nail Art ~ Galaxy Glitter Mix


Today I am very excited because I've ordered the new Charlie Nail Art glitter mixes and they just shipped! They will sit alongside the four existing mixes that I already own. In anticipation I decided to wear the Galaxy glitter mix ^_^

I painted one coat of sheer lilac, Hubby For Dessert by Essie, then added top coat and dipped my nails in the glitter mix. Two extra coats of top coat gave my mani a smooth shine!

I really can't wait to see the new glitters. I think I'm most looking forward to seeing Spaceman. If you're buying them for yourself, get 15% off with my coupon code GNAF15.


Lisa xx

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Charlies Nail Art ~ Glitter Mixes


As I've written about before I am a proud Brand Ambassador for Charlies Nail Art! Right now Charlie has some amazing glitters on the site, and I bought some of the special glitter mixes for myself. They're all 75p per pack and you can get an extra 15% off everything with my checkout code, GNAF15.

Today I'm showing you the Mermaid, Romance, Galaxy and Unicorn Glitter Mixes. I applied them all as glitter gradients, sponging clear polish onto my nail tips and dipping them in the mixes  ^_^

Mermaid Glitter Mix:

I adore the marine colours of this one. Stunning, sparkly, utterly beautiful.

Romance Glitter Mix:

I was NOT expecting how much I would love this glitter!! The mix is amazing and, applied over black, looks like smouldering embers. You can see the hearts and shards in the photo.

Galaxy Glitter Mix:

I've already shown you this but I wanted to put all the mixes in one post! This glitter has a lovely, ethereal purple tint to it with moons and stars to live up to its name.

Unicorn Glitter Mix:

What I would call the most subtle of the glitter mixes, this is a shimmering glitter with stars and special pieces mixed in. This could top any polish and look beautiful.

I really hope there are more Glitter Mixes launched in the future!


Lisa xx

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Charlies Nail Art ~ Glitter and Emojis!


Sorry for the absence - I've had another period of being sleepy a lot. To make up for it, I will show you two manicures today! Both are from my latest order with Charlies Nail Art.

First up we have a Galaxy glitter mix! This is a very fine pale purple glitter with ethereal sparkle and larger pieces mixed in, like stars! I love having glitter tips so I sponged some clear polish over a coat of Essie Mademoiselle and dipped the tips in glitter.

And today I am wearing emoji water decals! These are making me SO cheerful. They applied super easily over a pale pink.

Not only are these goodies cheap to begin with - the glitter is 75p per pack and the emojis are £1 per sheet - but you also get 15% off everything because I'm a Brand Ambassador! Just use code GNAF15 at checkout xx


Lisa xx

Friday, 17 March 2017

Floral Inspiration ~ Nail Machine


Today's manicure was inspired by Nail Machine on Instagram! Her mani was a hand-painted blue rose pattern with a gold-lined accent nail - just my style, and absolutely gorgeous.

I have found out through many attempts that, unfortunately, painting designs by hand with nail art brushes just isn't my talent. It always ends up looking thick and clumsy! Luckily I have many stamping plates with designs to compensate for this, and my MoYou Pro 17 plate had a rose pattern that would do the trick.

I started with the gold accent on my ring fingernail: using French tip guide stickers and Chrome Olive by Models Own I painted a thin, curved line. Then above that line and on the whole of my other nails I used an off-white, Cream Soda by Barry M, as my base colour. I then used my MoYou stamping mat to make decals, stamping the rose pattern in Cream Soda and colouring it in with three shades of blue.

Cream Soda isn't quite opaque so the roses ended up pretty undefined, but I am still happy with the floral look I ended up with. Apologies for the poor lighting - I'm still very tired all the time so it's been difficult to take photos at the ideal time of day.

Thanks to Nail Machine for the inspiration!


Lisa xx

Monday, 13 March 2017

Charlies Nail Art ~ Treble Clef Decals

This post contains products which were sent to me for review :-)


Today I have an item from Charlies Nail Art to show you: treble clef nail decals! Part of being an ambassador means I get to try out nail products that I haven't tried before, and these kinds of decals are one of them.

The treble clefs are small, wafer-thin plastic motifs which are copper-coloured on one side and black on the other; you can choose which colour you'd like to show on your nails. I used them by first painting my nails - with Barry M Pearl, in this case - then applying the decals with tweezers onto a layer of wet top coat. I used both points of the tweezers to keep the decal pushed down as the polish dried. I then added more top coat to seal them in!

What I've found trying these decals for the first time is that they're fun to use and (at least I think!) they look good on the nail. I especially liked this treble clef design. A disadvantage is that they can be hard to keep flat, and I ended up getting a little polish over the decals as I pushed them down. I would try them again.

Check out my sidebar button for 15% off your entire Charlies Nail Art order - the discount code is GNAF15!


Lisa xx

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Bird & Blossom Manicure


Today I am wearing some gorgeous pink blossom water decals with a bird on the index nail! The decals were sent to me as an extra gift in a review pack from Born Pretty Store.

To give the decals more depth I decided to apply them over a soft gradient of white to light pink. The polishes I used were Barry Ms Cotton and Rose Hip. You can just about see the gradient in the finished design ^_^

I adore patterns like these - clean, soft and feminine!


Lisa xx

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Cat & Blossom Manicure


As promised in my last blog post I have my latest manicure to show you - blossoms and a Japanese money cat!

To get inspiration for this manicure I basically reached into my box of stamping plates and pulled out a random one, which turned out to be MoYou's Suki 17. This is a gorgeous plate featuring very intricate Japanese designs. I hadn't yet used the money cat image so I decided that the time was now! I used my MoYou stamping mat to make decals - one of the cat and the rest blossom flowers - and applied them over the light grey Ion by Sally Hansen.

I've been very tired but I am glad that I got this manicure done and photographed! Now to find inspiration for my next design... ^_^


Lisa xx

Friday, 10 March 2017

Flashback Friday Manicures


Today I thought I'd do a round-up post of what I was wearing on this date during the years 2013 to 2016!

I actually have a new mani on my nails right now, but unfortunately I was so tired that I slept all day and didn't get to take a photo. It is a Japanese cat and blossom design over grey polish, and I hope to show it to you during the weekend.

So, 2016! On the 10th of March last year I was wearing cute flower stems over a glitter tips manicure. I used my MoYou Princess 11 plate and the glitter is Northern Lights by Models Own.

In 2015 I went outside my comfort zone with an attempt at a chic black and gold manicure. I used striping tape to apply the black, and the gold flakes are OPI's Man With The Golden Gun - easily the most expensive and silly polish purchase I have ever made!

In 2014 I was also wearing Models Own Northern Lights - I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or if the 2016 mani was a flashback! In any case I went for full coverage this time and applied a lovely singing bird water decal as an accent.

And in 2013 I had the striping tape out again, this time having it on my nails as part of the finished manicure. I was still taking flash photos in my bedroom at this stage.

Do you have a favourite? I hope you can see some kind of progression in quality from my 2013 manicure to now - I'm taking photos outside in daylight now, at least!

I hope to be writing again soon with that Japanese manicure.


Lisa xx

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Lace & Butterfly Manicure


Today I had the idea to do a design that I've already done in black - it's a bordered lace manicure!

For this white version I started off with a coat off the sheer French polish Essie Mademoiselle. I then stamped on some lace using my BP02 Chic Lace stamping plate from Born Pretty Store. To do the border I used my white Barry M nail art pen to carefully outline my nails. After adding top coat I decided a lovely finishing touch would be a white butterfly charm which I bought from Charlies Nail Art, adhered with nail glue. It's silly, I wasn't even intending to use a Charlies product today - but it worked its way in there!

And, for comparison, here is the black version I did a while ago:

I actually much prefer the white, but what do you think?

As my snazzy sidebar button says, you can get 15% off your entire Charlies Nail Art order with my coupon code, GNAF15 xx


Lisa xx

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Charlies Nail Art ~ Colour Wave Nail Wraps

This post contains products which were sent to me for review :-)


Another day as a Charlies Nail Art Ambassador! Yesterday I showed you some rhinestones I purchased, and today I have something that was specifically sent to me to review: colour wave water decal wraps.

The wraps cost 89p and consist of a sheet of 10 decals that you cut to your own nail shape. The patterns are a mix of rainbow colour waves. To apply them you just dip them in water for about 30 seconds, slide them off the backing paper then adhere them to your nails, rubbing gently to stick them in place. I took the optional step of applying the wraps over one coat of white nail polish to give the colours added vibrance.

I had to start this manicure again because I made the mistake of trying to apply the wraps over completely dry nail polish and they wouldn't stick down! I think this is a top tip for water decals in general: apply them over touch-dry polish. Once I did this the wraps adhered just fine and I achieved a look that I was happy with. I finished off the mani with top coat for protection.

I hope you like these as much as I do! 89p is a bargain and, of course, you can get an extra 15% off your entire order with my Ambassador's coupon code: GNAF15. Check out my snazzy new sidebar button!


Lisa xx

Monday, 6 March 2017

Charlies Nail Art ~ Rhinestones


I thought it would be nice to inaugurate myself as a Charlies Nail Art brand ambassador by doing a manicure using some of my purchases! Check out the new button on my sidebar featuring a 15% off code especially for you - GNAF15.

I also want to try writing full blog posts again in addition to posting manis on Instagram. As I've written about before, I have health problems which include depression and feeling very tired. This makes it rather difficult to blog consistently! That said, my hobby does cheer me up so it's worth making an effort for.

Back to the nails! I did a French manicure using lovely little pink and blue gems bought from Charlies Nail Art at 75p per pack. I also used a clear gem that I already had in my collection.

To achieve my French manicure I applied Maybelline Winter Baby using tip guide stickers for a neat shape, followed by a coat of Essie Mademoiselle. I used nail glue to add a sprinkle of the gems as accents...

I was super-pleased with how this turned out. Not meaning to boast, but this is possibly my neatest French mani to date!  And I think the gems added the perfect finishing touch ^_^

Hoping to write again soon...


Lisa xx

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Charlies Nail Art Ambassador!


I am proud and excited to let you know that I am now an Ambassador for Charlies Nail Art! Charlies is a UK site with a wide range of nail art goodies including decals, glitters, foils, stickers and wraps. Their prices are definitely on the bargain side. They ship worldwide but of course are especially great if you're British like me and want a speedy nail mail fix!

What does my being an ambassador mean? Basically it means you all get a 15% off discount code - GNAF15 - to use when you order. I will also be sent product samples to try out. This is in exchange for me spreading the good news of Charlies Nail Art via honest reviews of their nail art goodies, be it here on the blog or on my Instagram.

Why did I want to be an ambassador? I started out as a regular Charlies Nail Art customer and was always happy with my orders and proud to post the resulting manicures on Instagram. I also liked that I was supporting a UK site - I'm happy to shop worldwide but sometimes it's nice to shop "local"! A big plus is that I feel like I can be an ambassador and remain honest to you - Charlie's already told me that an honest review is good for her credibility, so that gives me a lot of confidence.

To start off with I've done a little collage of some of my Charlies Nail Art manicures, shown above! You can buy the products here:

Barbie Graffiti Water Decal Sheet - 99p -
Gold Nail Foil - 39p -
Nail Wraps - from 89p -
Silver Nail Studs - 89p -


Lisa xx

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Barry M ~ Frosted Cupcakes


Barry M have released a new mini collection of nail polishes called Frosted Cupcakes! What ties them together is delicate colouring with flecks of shimmering glitter. Boots currently have a "2 for £6" deal on Barry M so I bought two shades to show you: Strawberries and Cream, and Earl Grey. My photos show two coats of polish with top coat in natural daylight.

I hope you can see the effect clearly enough! I love these polishes, especially the pale pink Strawberries and Cream. There are two other shades in the collection and I am tempted to go back and buy them!

With their "Frosted Cupcake" effect they remind me very much of the more expensive and much coveted Illamasqua Raindrops - do you agree?


Lisa xx